10 July 2012

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good

Yesterday at my favorite parent resource center, I found THREE Richard Scarry books in the free book area.  Steve spent all evening reading Cars and Trucks and Things That Go and exclaiming over the author's genius.  We just have to find The Best Word Book Ever for all my Richard Scarry needs to be met. 

I just received word that my permanent residency is going through as soon as I send the immigration center photocopies of my passport.

That clever Bairn has figured out rolling from back to front (maybe this is bad?), is so full of joy that he almost exploded while watching his grandfather assemble a chair yesterday, and daily causes his father to proclaim that he never knew how wonderful a tiny person could be.

The Bad

Our toilet has been leaking for some time now, so our bathroom smells like death.  This is very much fun for everyone, especially our dinner guests and house guests.

The Ugly

I need a haircut.

1 comment:

Katya said...

Congrats on the Richard Scarry find!

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