29 August 2012

For the Grandparents: August

The Bairn
  • is 7 months old.
  • rolls and pivots and scoots (backwards) like a pro and gets up on his knees like an amateur.
  • laughs like a loon when he's carried up or down stairs, especially if his daddy is walking behind him.

  • appears to be teething and is wildly in love (like a meth addict) with his baby medicine.
  • has a default setting of 'joy.' Steve noted the other day that The Bairn has increased the smiling in our house by about 90%.
  • loves every food he has encountered and is a proficient finger painter with lentils.

  • Playing with a tiny cantaloupe Daddy brought him from the garden.

  • is the best little companion while he sits in his high chair singing songs and burbling like a squirrel.
  • is a major hair puller.
  • most enjoys playing with silicone bakeware.

  • wakes Steve up in the morning by climbing on top of him and yanking his ear.
  • is adorable.


Anonymous said...

All babies should have a tiny canteloupe.


Anonymous said...

Just seeing his big smile makes me happy! Mom

Anonymous said...

He just gets better and better each day. The addition of grandchildren has increased smiling and laughter in our house by an infinite percentage. Now when I chuckle to to myself, I am no longer accused of dementia but asked to share the thought as Grammie knows it is most likely a grand child I'm thinking of.


eliana23 said...

The tiny melon does push this from charming to amazingly wonderful. You got a good one. He's so sweet.

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