14 August 2012

Garden Update

We have a garden. Steve does all the work in it.  The Bairn and I visited one day with the intention of working but we ended up lying under a shade tree, because we're delicate flowers.

This is it.  It's part of the community garden behind Steve's office (conveniently), and it's considerably smaller than our Scottish allotment (fortunately, since I'm unhelpful--see above). 
Those are butternut squash plants trying to take over the place.

Here's what we grow:



Babies who scratch themselves during naps

And leeks and tomatoes and butternut squash.  I went looking for the squash babies that Steve says exist, but it started to rain on my actual baby, so we had to hustle home.


eliana23 said...

Resting and enjoying the garden seems like a good contribution. Everything looks so lush!

Moo said...

Any tips on how to know when to pick the cantaloupe. We always end up picking ours when they are a little overripe.

Anonymous said...

The garden looks great, I wasn't sure the melons would do well.


MBC said...

Eliana--We live in a super lush place.

Moo--Nope! This is our first year growing them and Steve was just saying last night that he has no idea when to pick them. Will they ripen off the vine?

KWB--It's all doing really well (yay!).

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