07 September 2012

Flossing Your Teeth Makes You Happy

I just finished reading Gretchen Rubin's book, The Happiness Project, about the author's attempt to make herself happier by keeping monthly resolutions.  I have things to say about it, but I also have a cold, so I'm not going to say them.  I'm going to go lie down and read a magazine.  It's okay, because I'm way behind on reading this one, so you've probably already read it anyway and can just tell me what YOU thought. 

Briefly, I wasn't sure I would enjoy the book but then I did, even though I have a love/hate relationship with Do-Something-for-a-Year books.  I appreciated some of the insights and ideas shared, and I even chose to make three resolutions of my own this month, so the book did make an impact. 

My resolutions are
  1. Rest when the baby sleeps.  This seems so self-evident, but it's hard to do when I want to get stuff done.  The slower speed of home life with a baby is sometimes hard to accept (but it's easier to accept with a cold).
  2. Floss daily.  My mother was shocked that I don't already do this.  I find it tedious and forgettable.
  3. Go outside every day.  When I worked outside my home this was never an issue, but some days The Bairn and I just don't feel like going anywhere.  (Actually, that's not strictly true.  The Bairn is always up for a trip.  He squeals with anticipation every time the front door opens.  But that could also just be about his love for the apartment number on our door.)
I may be breaking resolution number one right now.  Is blogging considered a rest activity?

1 comment:

eliana23 said...

I was surprised how much I liked the book too. I'm deciding if I will read her new one. I often have the goal of Going Outside Every Day. It is excellent to make yourself do with a little one.

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