14 October 2012

What We're Recommending at Our House

To Watch - Masha and the Bear
Steve is crazy in love with this animated Russian series.  He relates to the bear, who plays the trombone (just like Steve!) and lives with a little blond female (just like Steve!).  Apparently, they're making an English movie version. 

To Read - Liar & Spy by Rebecca Stead
Georges, a seventh-grader living in Brooklyn, has just moved, reluctantly, into a new apartment building after his father loses his job.  He soon becomes friends with resident spy, Safer, a boy who claims that Georges' upstairs neighbor is up to no good and enlists Georges' help to investigate him.  The young characters in this novel are so likeable and in addition to being a fun story, the book explores relationship issues between friends and family very nicely.

To Eat - Cowboy Candy
We made this last year and it was a bit too spicy for us, so this year we made it without the seeds and ribs and now it's a bit too mild.  Still, I'm eating it up.  I like it best on crackers with cream cheese.

To Do - Sleep
The Bairn napped for 2.5 hours today, which means I got a full-length nap today too.  Two and a half hours!  Sometimes that baby is good and kind as well as adorable.

What do you recommend?

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