03 January 2013

We're Back in Canada, Part 2

1. It took Steve three days (driving) and me and The Bairn 16 hours (flying and driving) to arrive back in Canada.  Sixteen hours is too long for an 11-month-old to travel.  Two days later, when I put The Bairn back in his car seat, he screamed.

2. Since being sick, The Bairn believes he must be lying on top of me to sleep.

3. It's currently -11 C (-3 F).  Steve tells me this is not cold.  His skin is made out of rhinoceroses.

4. The Bairn and I walked to the grocery store today, even though we do not have rhinoceros skin.  We do have a covered stroller and a pair of serious boots, though.

5. Our library is closing for three weeks.  I assume this is because they want me to be sad.


Rebekah said...

Three weeks? Huh?

Katya said...

Yesterday, our low was only -7 F. Positively balmy.

MBC said...

Rebekah--They have to update fire code stuff or something.
They hate me.


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