10 February 2013

Scenes from a Blizzard

Our blizzard is not as bad as expected, more like a long snowstorm, but we've still been inside for two days with all our activities canceled.  Steve is baking Selkirk bannock and I just taught The Bairn how to dip cucumbers and crackers into hummus (his natural instinct was to lift the bowl and try to drink it).

We also built a fort, as one does in a snowstorm.

And we ventured outside briefly, but it was too windy for the wee small boy.

And we are hoping that everything will be cleared up tomorrow, because we're going stir crazy over here.  We've gotta bust out of this place soon.

1 comment:

Lady Susan said...

I like the cold and the North, but I can't imagine being a parent where it is so cold. I mean, we don't go to the park when it less than 45 degrees, but it seems like your "no venturing outside of the house" is a lot.......colder. :)

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