30 April 2013

Projects completed since moving into the house:

4 bedrooms painted
Most electrical outlets rewired and light switches replaced
Pine paneling removed and drywall put up
Basement bedroom demolished
Basement door fixed so that small child will not fall down onto hard, cold cement
Weird, useless window drywalled over
Locks changed
Mailbox moved as per mail service directions
Boarded up doors on garage replaced (mostly)
Broken carriage lights replaced
Garden tilled (by kindly neighbor)
Curtains hung in 5 rooms
Exploding furnace serviced
Water turned from red/brown/nasty to mostly clear
Broken toilet flapper replaced
Smelly, smelly washing machine cleaned so that it is now slightly less smelly

Projects remaining:

Too many


CSIowa said...

Under the circumstances, I applaud your wisdom in focusing on the "done" list instead of the "to do" list. I'm rather impressed with your accomplishments!

Anonymous said...

Well done in such a short period time. I wish my housing project was moving at the same pace as yours.


eliana23 said...


MBC said...

I should also point out that Steve does all the projects. I lie on the couch and note that I'm pregnant, in case he's forgotten.

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