03 June 2013

Seeing New Baby

Today was my second ultrasound.  I really liked my ultrasound technician, although I think our hospital's rules about ultrasounds are stupid.  Steve wasn't allowed in the room for the first portion of the exam (why?!) when all of the baby's measurements were taken, but the technician let me watch and explained what we were seeing.  Because she couldn't tell me the baby's sex, I was intently scanning the screen for any sign of gender, but I'm an awful ultrasound reader.  I would think we were in the right general area to be checking for such things, when the technician would say, "Here's Baby's diaphragm."

And then she turned the screen away and noted if our baby's a boy or a girl.

The good news is that, apparently, my doctor CAN tell us the baby's sex because it's in the report and he's not sworn to secrecy like the ultrasound technicians (why?!).

The bad news is that I just saw my doctor on Thursday, so we won't find out the big secret until the end of the month.

I liked having a baby in Scotland better.


Moo said...

You better start checking out all those wives' tales to see how accurate they are :)

MBC said...

I KNOW! I feel like I'm carrying higher this time and I was less morning sick, so I have to look those up and see what they mean.

SCS said...

You need a Chinese Mama. The proprietesses of both Chao's and Four Seasons saw me walk in when I was pregnant with one of the boys and said "ah, a boy!" I don't know how they did it. (Of course they had a 50-50 chance . . .)

Anonymous said...

There was a time, in the 1970s, when the sex of the baby wasn't known until the baby was born.



Nemesis said...

That is so, so weird. So all these other people can know stuff about your medical condition and you can't? And couldn't you call your doctor and ask him over the phone?

I love you, Canada, but way to be weird on this one.

MBC said...

SCS--Maybe it's just always polite to guess a boy if you're Chinese.

Dad--Also, for millenia before that, but now we have the technology and they're just withholding information, so that's a different kettle of fish.

Nemesis--I can't even call my doctor to have a prescription refilled. I love universal health care but there are some screwy things with the health care in our particular province/town. Also, Canada seems to be kind of big on unions and the idea that, for example, only blood collection workers can collect blood (not nurses and doctors!) and only doctors can give you information about your pregnancy (no one else!). I find it very irritating. Probably more so, because I was ready to marry Scottish health care.

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