12 October 2013

39 Weeks

Occasionally Steve is sneaky.  One year for Christmas he kept hounding me to guess what my Christmas present was and after I felt the package and guessed, he said, "How did you know?!" and I responded that I'm very good at these things.  Then on Christmas morning, the gift turned out to be something different than I had guessed and Steve had managed to really surprise me by letting me think I knew what it was.

Other times he is less sneaky.

Thursday he got a phone call from my friend's husband, after which he informed me that my girls' night group was having an impromptu get together at 7:15 and that I should go.

MBC: That would be great except that you have to go on that visit at 8:00.
Steve: No, I don't need to go.
MBC: You TOLD me that it was a sure thing and that you needed to go when we did our weekly plan. They can't go without you.
Steve: No, no.  I'll just call and change it.  You HAVE to go.

Naturally that's when I realized that I was going to my own surprise baby shower that night.

The Bairn, on the other hand, is far less sneaky, much as he likes to call himself the 'sneaky neeky.'  The other morning he was suspiciously quiet, so I called out and asked him what he was doing.  He immediately responded, "Messes!"  And sure enough, when I found him in the bathroom, he had unrolled all of the toilet paper and was shredding it on the floor.

I forgave him because he's so cute when he sleeps and because we're pretty much best friends, but first my head exploded and I kicked him out of the bathroom and let him cry outside the door while I took deep breaths because my patience level is at about -33 this close to the end of a pregnancy.

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eliana23 said...

Baby shower, good stuff. Honest Bairn? Hilarious. You are almost there. Good luck.

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