03 February 2014


The Bairn loves the telephone.  I think he's asked me to call Grandma for him 4 times in the last week.  When I do, he puts his mouth right against the buttons and asks, "What happen today, Grandma?"  It's the only question he ever asks and after asking Grandma this for half an hour, he declares that it's time to call Grammie.  (Grammie wasn't home any of the times we called her last week.)

Friday Steve's cell phone was ringing on the kitchen counter, so The Bairn grabbed his little red chair, dragged it over, and yelled at the device, "Where are you, Grandma?!  Where are you?!"  When I explained that it wasn't Grandma calling, it was Daddy's boss, he stepped down from his chair and said, "Oh, Daddy's box calling."  Then he picked up his toy phone and demanded, "What happen today, Grandma?"

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