03 March 2014

A Toddler Tale

The Bairn's office is at the top of the stairs and he's taken to throwing toys down to the landing.  This is not my favorite thing, and he almost lost possession of his rocking chair last week when I discovered him dragging it out of his room and preparing to launch it downstairs.

The Bairn's kitchen is currently upstairs in his bedroom and last week I pulled out a few more items of food for him to play with--a watermelon, an egg, a slice of cheese.  Saturday morning I was changing Ellen's diaper in the guest room, which is next door to The Bairn's room.  The Bairn called to me from the hall and held up an egg.  "[Bairn] have an egg," he announced.  "Oh, what are you going to do with it?  Cook it up in your kitchen?" I asked.  He turned and chucked it down the stairs.

It was not until I heard Steve's sputtering that I realized it was not the play egg that had gone down the stairs.  It was a real egg that The Bairn had carefully removed from an egg carton and carried upstairs to show me.  For some reason, I found this incident terribly amusing.  Probably because I wasn't the one cleaning up the mess.


Moo said...

Everyone knows a real egg is better than a fake egg!

Anonymous said...

"All things are relative". Be glad he did not throw the whole carton.



Lady Susan said...

So much more hilarious when you don't have to clean it up.

MBC said...

Moo--I never have been good at telling the difference, have I?

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