27 March 2014

March is the New February

Last month my friend Chou posted this nice blog entry with a picture of flowers to counteract the ill effects of February.  In the past I have railed against February, but now I live in Canada, so I know that the cruelest month is actually March.  At the beginning of the month, Steve came home with real flowers to help get me through the month and keep me from threatening too often to either (a) run away to warmer climes or (b) murder people in their sleep.  

This week is by far the worst, though, and Steve can't even restock the flowers, because we had a blizzard yesterday and the snow drifts are higher than the snow blower and the snow shovel got buried in a drift somewhere, so our cars are trapped in the driveway.  If I can't get these kids outside soon, we're all going to go mental.  Today we did successfully, as per The Bairn's request, create the most ghetto little puppet theater you've ever seen out of a cardboard box and some old fabric.  It stars a lopsided felt puppet named Chicky Bick and a paper moon, star, and comet on popsicle sticks.  But it's not enough.  I must leave the house soon.  We got Ellen's passport photos earlier this week but if we had her actual travel documents in hand, I'd be shoveling out that driveway with The Bairn's plastic beach shovel and heading to my parents' house in Tennessee.


CSIowa said...

I was in Tennessee a week ago Saturday. It was lovely! And then they had freezing rain. And then I came back to Iowa.

I am feeling thankful that we've had only a dusting of snow since then, but I am sure ready for it to warm up.

MBC said...

Yeah, they haven't had the greatest spring ever but it's still beating the pants off NS at the moment.

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