05 March 2014

Our New Addition

We bought a used Volvo station wagon from a sheep farmer in New Brunswick last week.  This was mainly due to the fact that Steve can no longer fit into our Saturn with both the kids in giant carseats in the back (he can't get his seat far enough back) and because I was planning to stage a coup if I had to drag the kids into church with Steve at 7 am (our meetings start at 10 am) one more time.

The Bairn was very impressed with the following details of the trip:

  1. We took a ferry to reach the sheep farm.
  2. Sheep, guardian dogs, border collies, and llamas (which he initially mistook for camels).  After we drove up to the farmyard and saw the animals, I heard The Bairn murmuring from the backseat, "[Bairn] pat them very gently."
  3. The sunroof.
I drove our old car home with Ellen while Steve drove the new car with The Bairn.  It was dark and we hit a snowstorm somewhere in New Brunswick.  I do not like to drive in the snow and I lost Steve and I could barely see the road.  I would have pulled out my favorite snowstorm emergency technique (pulling off the road and crying), but there was nowhere to stop, because New Brunswick (Canada?) has long stretches of NOTHING and I was pretty sure that all the moose warning signs were indicating that if I stopped, a moose would come out of the woods and eat my baby.  (There's a moose near the legion in a different town that runs out on the road and rams cars.  On purpose.)  Fortunately, I was able to drive out of the storm fairly quickly and catch up to Steve, who had slowed down when he noticed I was gone.  

And we love our new car.  


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Anonymous said...

Here's to trusting the Volvo will give you long and trusty service. I' m glad to see you are adapting to winter driving. It's a fact if you can drive year round in the maritimes you can drive anywhere.


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