01 April 2014

Some People are My People and Some People are Not

We took the kids to an indoor play place near Halifax on Saturday.  Ellen was almost immediately surrounded by admiring 5-year-old girls and The Bairn spent a lot of time looking perplexed at the Lord of the Flies play style of his peers.  He's a very gentle soul and he doesn't really know what to do when kids are pushing and pulling and grabbing (although he loves being chased around and tickled by the older children at church).  I spent a lot of time being perplexed by the other mothers with their jeggings-wearing babies.  And then we went to the craft store and I was perplexed by the price of plastic Easter eggs and fake flowers and bunny paraphernalia, so we took a trip to Costco where I happily ate my weight in samples and spent money on things that make absolute sense to me, like giant blocks of cheese.

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