15 April 2014


Thursday evening we threw the kids in the car and drove.  It took 15 hours to reach New York City and it was only then, on the George Washington Bridge, that we told The Bairn we were going to stop and see my brother and his family.  The Bairn was thrilled.  "Oh, [Bairn] so 'cited!"  He was also thrilled by the many buildings, cranes, and "traffics."

Steve is always very excited when we visit America, too, and he walks around exclaiming over the size of the squirrels (huge!), the price of gas (low!), and the late night talk radio (crazy!).

Steve slept at my brother's place during the day and I took the kids to the park across the street, where I met a very nice Russian grandfather who used to live in Arkansas and told me that The Bairn is so coordinated that he'll probably be a famous Canadian ice hockey player one day.  I did not tell him that if The Bairn is ever a famous sports player, it will make his father cry.  Then I strolled with my wee ones to a Pakistani restaurant and got some goat curry to go.  I love America.

The Bairn and his cousin played in the afternoon and I ate Indian sweets and tamales.  I mean, seriously, I really love the US.  And then we packed the kids back in the car for another night drive to Tennessee.

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