21 June 2014

For the Grandparents: 8-Months-Old

Ellen is 8-months-old.  She remains extremely independent and busy, emptying the shoe rack every day, digging dirt and plaster out of tiny corners of the house, eating paper, and charming the pants off people.  She's full of smiles, but she's not friendly to strangers.  We just got her US passport pictures done and she looks like a very serious business traveler.  The photographer only had to take one shot because Ellen is totally no-nonsense.  She says 'mama' with intent.  Steve thought it was just a sound she was making it, but she yells it while crawling toward me when she needs to tattle on The Bairn for taking something from her and she says it while I hold her as she pats me.  She does not say 'dada.'  She's also picked up recreational screaming.  We wish she would develop a new hobby in its place.

She loves playing with The Bairn's work bench, especially the saw, which makes a buzzing noise.

One day I could hear her but not see her.  When I went looking, she was behind the couch exclaiming over the view out the window.

She's so small and busy that she really is far more marmoty than The Bairn ever was.


Ruth Cox said...

Pretty, pretty baby. Just like her mother.

Anonymous said...

What a little sweetie, she makes her Grammie and Papa's hearts melt.

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