01 July 2014

Baby's First Canada Day

It is that very special week in our family. The week in which we celebrate both Canada Day and America Day.  We went down to the consulate and applied for Baby E's US citizenship last week, so here's hoping her report of birth abroad comes through by Friday so she can eat some cherry pie with the Americans.

This morning we headed to Pugwash for our Canada Day celebrations.  Steve's parents and aunt and uncle and a couple of family friends were there trying to talk to Ellen.  This is the face she gives them.  She is not friendly.

The first two years we took The Bairn to the Pugwash parade, he absolutely wailed when the emergency vehicles came by.  They are very loud.  So this year, I advised him to cover his ears.  Which he did for the entire parade.  (I really love how Ellen is considering the rusk in this picture.)

The Bairn only removed his hands from his ears long enough to eat a lollipop.

Pugwash has a strong Scottish heritage (the street signs are even in English and Gaelic), so there's always highland dancing and highland games (but the games are called something else).  The Bairn was very taken with the dancing and practiced spinning with his arms raised. 

Steve bought mason jars from a yard sale, which is his favorite thing to do.

And I ate a fish taco, even though a taco is the least Canadian food of them all. 


eliana23 said...

The idea of a Canada Day taco hurts my brain a little. Your kids keep growing.

Anonymous said...

Just another proof that Ellie has some Cox blood in her. There may be other things going on but nothing trumps food!



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