11 September 2014

For the Grandparents: 10-Months-Old

Ellen is 10-months-old for another week and she is such a pleasant person.

She loves to dance.  Steve calls her his dancing bear and if we say dance dance dance or dancing bear to her, she starts to bop.  She also does a sweet dance to any music she hears, even if it's just me singing to The Bairn at bedtime.

She walks like a champion.

She has six teeth and is working on another one.

She remains cautious with strangers and rarely gives them smiles or anything resembling friendliness.

She has learned the art of protest and arches her back, kicks her feet, and shrieks if she is displeased.  She also shrieks just for fun, often while Steve is making business calls or, her favorite, in the middle of church.

She's always finding 'hats.'  She loves to pick up pieces of clothing, diaper changing pads, or wash cloths and place them on her head.  Then she laughs crazily and takes off running.  I don't know all of the rules of the game yet, but it's her favorite.

She has little curls that spring out around her head in the humidity that make her look like a little angel baby.

She remains very independent and content most of the time and she is a treat.

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Anonymous said...

I love her hat game

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