19 November 2014

We Gots Snow

We had our first snowfall on Friday.  I took The Bairn outside after dinner with a flashlight, and we built a snowman.  At the last minute, right before we came back in the house, he informed me that it was a snowduck, so I slapped a bill on its head and went inside to rescue Ellen from the despair of being left inside.

Yesterday the snowduck melted.  The Bairn stood by its remnants (a big chunk of ice) in the grass and demanded to know what had happened.  Had the snow flown back up in the clouds?

We were thrilled when we came downstairs this morning and snow was flying again.  I bundled the kids up in all their snow gear.  Ellen fell over as soon as I put her in her boots and set her on her feet.  She lay in the hallway, calling, "Mommy?  Mommy?"  Outside, we tried to resurrect the snowduck, but the new snow was too powdery.  Instead, The Bairn made tracks and Ellen licked the snowduck chunk and we all hustled back inside when the wind blew too hard.

The Bairn was only too pleased to come in when I promised him his first ever cup of hot cocoa.  Marshmallow and all.


Nicole Holloway said...

We got our snow Friday too! My little girl is still too small to really appreciate it though, so instead we throw the curtains open and turn up the heat and watch the snow fall from the floor of the living room!:)

MBC said...

Sometimes that's the best way to do it!

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