10 December 2014

Baby Love

Last night The Bairn and I were discussing Ellen and how she's a baby now but will get bigger and will stop being a baby and then we'll have ANOTHER baby [note: I am not pregnant].  "And then we'll have more and more babies!" The Bairn enthused.  When I asked how many babies he thought we should have, he very promptly announced that there would be ten more babies.  Hmmm.  Not so much.  It's too bad, though, because Ellen and The Bairn do LOVE babies.

My friend brought her infant, Caitlyn, over last week.  We pulled the exersaucer out of the basement and settled Caitlyn in it and my kids went wild with delight.  All morning Ellen crooned, "Oh, babe-baby.  Bee-bee-beeeee.  Baby see."  And then she'd lean in as far as she could over the exersaucer and pile paper towels on Caitlyn's head.

The Bairn, though generally a clever kid, couldn't figure out that Caitlyn and his sister were not the same person.  He was really thrilled to have a baby girl in the toy-contraption-machine, but he kept asking me why I'd put E in there and looking startled when he saw, he thought, his sister in an exersaucer and then turned around and saw her gathering paper towels behind him.

We need a little more time before we add another baby to this mix, though, because Ellen and The Bairn are still working on peacefully co-existing in a shopping cart.  One day a woman in the grocery store saw The Bairn kissing Ellen in the seat next to him and came over to tell me what an adorable sight it was, but she missed part 2, in which Ellen did all the screaming and I did all the threatening when The Bairn refused to STOP kissing her because 'I just love her so much.'

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like what your brother would do you when he "loving her down".



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