31 December 2014

The Old Year



  • Steve started his own business.
  • The Bairn potty-trained.
  • Ellen learned practically everything she knows, including how to walk and how to snatch toys from The Bairn's pile and then run.
  • I was not pregnant for one single day of the year.
  • We made friends this year.  Each of us made at least one new friend.  The kind of friend who invites you to her house for parties.  Except for Steve.  His new friend invites him over to his ex-military bunker.   (Steve loves it.)
  • This is the best picture taken of me and Steve in years.  

Lessons Learned
  • Brussels sprouts are best steamed.  Trying to fancy them up with cranberries and nuts and so on is almost always a mistake.
  • The Bairn is happiest in a tree.
  • At least one person in our family will always be sick at Christmastime.
  • Eating lucy cats (lussekater or Swedish saffron rolls) with my children on St. Lucia Day is the best possible thing to do in December.  The Bairn keeps asking when we're making the next batch.

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Good looking "children".



Lunicrax said...

Wohow! :D Sounds like a great year :) And you *can* make lussekatter (I love how you call them Lucy cats in English, Benne started adopting that now as well) other times too! My mom just made a new batch 2 days ago. A friend of mine back home loves them so much that he makes them even in the summer. But... December is best. And of course saffron tends to be a bit pricey here... But soon it’s time for Semlor!!! Marsipan filled delicacies with cardamom iso saffron.

eliana23 said...

This is a great post. I am glad you guys are happy and well.

MBC said...

We would be even fatter and poorer if we started making lucy cats more than once a year! Does Steve have a recipe for Semlor?! I don't think I know what it is but it sounds like something we need!

Lunicrax said...

Not sure... I don’t think we have it on the recipe blog either... It’s cardamom buns, with marsipan inside, whipped cream on top, and a little lid on top of that. Especially delicious if eaten in a bowl of warm milk. Oh, here’s an english version of the recipe, which looks pretty close (I’d skip the sugar in the whipping cream though, the marzipan gives enough sugar): http://allrecipes.com/recipe/semlor-semla/ I usually make them rather small. They can easily be frozen sans whipping cream. :)

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