18 February 2015

Stupid Groundhog

It was -19 C on Groundhog Day, but we hauled the kids out to see Shubenacadie Sam anyway. He predicted six more weeks of winter and then he went into the interpretative center and let The Bairn watch him eat yogurt off a spoon.

This is not Shubie Sam.  This is Gertie Groundhog.  She was also there.  Steve claims that this is a picture of him offering up his firstborn in exchange for a better weather report.

Sadly, Sam seems to have made an accurate prediction this year.  We got a huge amount of snow on Sunday.

Today was the first day the kids got to go outside and play in it.

We paid to have the driveway plowed when our snowblower couldn't handle the job.  It left huge snowbanks for the kids to enjoy.

There's another storm coming through tomorrow.

I would like to move to Miami.  And I don't even like Florida.

1 comment:

CSIowa said...

I was going to say that your daughter couldn't rock those great boots in Florida, but then I realized that, at her age, she can wear pretty much whatever she wants regardless of the weather (and probably will).

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