31 March 2015

It's Just Like Baby Jessica in the Well. Without the Well.

Bad News: I locked Ellen AND the keys in the car today.

Good News: We have a spare key to the car.

Bad News: I didn't know where it was.

Good News: Steve knew where it was.

Bad News: Steve was two hours away in a barn when I called, so the call went right to voicemail.

Good News: We have a really good next door neighbor.

Bad News: There is no more bad news (except that it's still snowing), because our neighbor sent me back to our house with his friend who was visiting to stay with Ellen while he called around for tow trucks that had equipment to open our very, very secure Volvo (coat hanger did not do the trick) and then the tow truck guys came and rescued poor Ellen and then refused payment, which made me cry.

Good News:  Steve called me back just as the rescue team was opening our car door, so now I know where the spare key is too.  Whew.


eliana23 said...

this makes my stomach hurt

CSIowa said...

I think this is a parenting rite of passage. In my case the infant was locked in with the three-year-old. I managed to appear sufficiently calm to persuade said three-year-old to unbuckle herself and unlock the door, but it took some time.

MBC said...

Me too, Eliana. Me too.

My three-year-old was jumping in snow banks at the time, but I wished he was in the car so I could try having him unlock the door (except I don't really want him to figure that skill out yet).

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