09 June 2015

37: Mistakes Were Made

Friday was my 37th birthday.

I should not have spent the morning trying to clean the house.

I should not have volunteered to bake my own cake.

I should have checked to see that there was enough paint left to paint the dining room before requesting the painting of that room as my gift.  (That one painted wall looks fabulous, though.)

I cheered myself up by blowing up balloons for the kids.  They went wild and insisted on decorating The Bairn's room and our dining room chairs with them.

The Bairn looks like a beaver who attends special school here.

And we made hats.  The Bairn was very serious about gluing his together and wearing it all through dinner.

Ellen's got a bit mangled, but she still wore it until the end of (mediocre) cake.

Steve really makes better cake than I do.  I'm more of a pie baker, so yesterday I made this really delicious rhubarb pie and pretended it was my birthday again.  A better birthday.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The Bairn is becoming a "Boy" vs a "Baby".



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