03 August 2015

Eight Year Old Girls Are Perfection

On Friday we went camping with the same family we camped with last year and two other families.  There were twelve children in our group, including two 8-year-old girls.  I really love girls that age.  They're sweet and sincere and extra nice to my babies.  They walk to the lake with me barefoot and roast potato chips over the camp fire for Ellen (I don't know why) and explore the forest (again and again and again) with The Bairn.  They're the best.

The Bairn munching on a snack in the forest.
Stopping for a rest on the way to the beach in the evening.

They broke out the nail polish at one point and invited Ellen to their painting party. She had never seen nail polish before in her life, but she really took to it.  She loves her neon-colored nails.

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