14 September 2015

TV Addict

Steve to The Bairn:  Do you want to spend some time chatting with me?

The Bairn: I would love to, but there's an emergency.  We lost the remote control!

He then spent about an hour explaining to me how we needed to get to the robot station (by train, plane, and taxi) to locate a 'finding robot.'

The next morning, when the remote was still not found, The Bairn told me that he had two 'big ideas':
1.  Use the telephone as a remote control.
2.  Take Grammie and Papa's remote control and use it on our DVD player.

We still haven't found the remote, but The Bairn's fresh out of ideas for finding or replacing it.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I can remember when I was about the same age as the Bairn. I was convinced that I could develop some camera file if my mother would let me make a mixture of stuff which included a raw egg. I just knew that if we took the film and passed it though the raw egg mixture, the pictures would appear on the film.

Mom would not let me.



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