22 October 2015

A Two-Year-Old Girl

Monday was Ellen's 2nd birthday. The only things she requested for her birthday were party hats and candles on her cake, so we fashioned some hats out of construction paper and put candles on the birthday cake that The Bairn refused to eat, since it was really a grown up cake made for my own enjoyment. Also for my own enjoyment, I moved Ellen into her own bed in her own room the night she turned two.  The Bairn very earnestly told her that if she cried in her new room, he would come to help her and give her books and hugs.

Ellen is such a gem.  Her daddy can barely contain his enthusiasm for her sweet ways and she and The Bairn love to hug and tickle and lick one another (I don't know what the licking is about).

Playing outside in the leaves today.

At 2, Ellen

  • loves to draw.  She can entertain herself for ages with a pen and paper making 'balloons and hearts and ABCs.'
  • sings adorably.  She's especially fond of the alphabet song but she has an expanding repertoire.
  • does funny dances that involve bending her elbows and scooting from side to side.
  • plays really well independently.  She loves playing outside with water and containers and inside with whatever she can find--often babies and purses.
  • gives really tight hugs and likes to jump from the stairs into our arms (followed by really tight hugs).
  • holds strong fashion opinions.   She prefers wearing boots and anything ruffled, furry, or gaudy.  I just pulled out the winter clothes and she's upstairs marching around in a fur-lined purple coat and fancy snow boots.
We just love this monkey.


Anonymous said...

We love her a lot also.



Anonymous said...

She is such a sweetie. Happy birthday to her.
Grammie and Papa

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