19 March 2016

Easter Egg Hunt (Or So They Say)

I took the kids to the town Easter egg hunt today.  The plastic eggs were in a roped off area of the park and each child was allowed to find five eggs of a certain color and then turn them in for a treat bag.  The eggs (hundreds of eggs) were just tossed on the ground in a wide open field.  The Bairn found all of his eggs within 30 seconds.  It took Ellen a full minute to find hers.  There were approximately one billion people there, because the hunt wasn't divided into age groups, so it was difficult to find parking and I had to pull a pie out of the oven early to get there on time.  It was pretty much the lamest thing ever, but The Bairn still gave it his full support and reported that it was the best.  He's very enthusiastic about life.


Anonymous said...

How did they get all the snow off the grass?



MBC said...

Not to worry, we got snow yesterday.

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