09 March 2016

My Wee Artists

Ellen loves to write and draw. Pretty much as soon as she could sit up, she could grasp a pencil and enjoyed doodling. She's just recently started making pictures that are really representational, though. This was her first one. She drew it a few months ago and she says it's "daddy walking." It got smudged when I left it on the counter before hanging it in Steve's office. Every time she goes in to see Steve work, Ellen sees the drawing and says, "Oh, there's Daddy walking."

I love that one recognizable foot.

The Bairn has far less interest in art.  He likes to make big paint messes and "tracks" and scribbles, but this week was the first time I've ever seen him actually try to draw a picture of something.  He sat on my lap at the kitchen table before breakfast and did a whole, fascinating, series.

This one is Someone Smoking.

This is Someone Stealing a Box (Mommy: What's in the box?  The Bairn:  A meat grinder.)

This is Someone Exploding a Building.

He's really keen on vice.

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