30 June 2016

Baby's First Camping Trip

Last weekend we went camping with Steve's family at Fundy National Park in New Brunswick.  At one point, I mentioned to Steve that it's a good thing we're not vain.  He didn't know what I was talking about, but of course I was talking about the fact that he was very happily wearing black business socks with shorts and flip-up sunglasses with his Piggly Wiggly t-shirt and I was wandering around in a giant floppy hat with 25 more pounds of baby weight to lose, as you will see.

Baby's first camping trip.  The nice thing about taking a 2-month-old camping is that you rarely have to wash dishes, because you're always breastfeeding.

We stayed in oTENTiks, which are more or less cabins.  The Bairn insisted on bringing his favorite library book with him, and Grammie very obligingly sat on the top bunk (The Bairn claimed it was 3 stories high) and read with him.

We took a little hike and Papa thrilled The Bairn by letting him carry the binoculars the whole way.

Grammie, Cousin Lexi, The Bairn (with binoculars!), and Ellen resting on the hike.

Steve took our two older kids canoeing while I stayed on shore with the wee one, chatting with the man renting out the canoes and watching his grandson remove dead mice from the back of a kayak.  Apparently, The Bairn spent quite a bit of time crying because he was worried about capsizing and "didn't have swimming lessons yet" and also didn't want to get his "adventure shoes" wet.

This one spent a lot of time admonishing the squirrels to do her bidding.  They did not.

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