13 June 2016

Peppa Panties

My mom sent Ellen some Peppa Pig panties so we can potty train her and only have one child in diapers again.  Ellen has been seriously opposed to the idea, but she really loves Peppa Pig and smarties, our other bribe, so we started this new project yesterday.  Potty training is not my favorite, especially potty training someone who yells at me a lot that she needs some chocolate just for wearing underwear adorned with a cheery television character.  Ellen has really upped the irritation factor, though, by acquiring Satan's own telephone toy at a yard sale Saturday and playing the songs on it all day long.  She only got it because she used her own money, otherwise I would not have allowed a talking toy that meows (or barks!) four songs in rotation again again again.  Nothing makes me happier than cleaning up wet Peppa panties to the sound of a cat singing 'Row, Row, Row Your Boat.'

Also, I was reading my sister's old blog (yes, it WOULD be nice if she still blogged), and this post just about killed me.  It made my day.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

When you kids would get "talking" animials, I could handel it for a short time. However, when it got to be too much, I took out my pockit knife and removed the device that made the noise. Usually did it when little people were asleep or not where they could see what I was doing. I guess I was a bad dad?



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