01 June 2016

What We're Doing

Note: I think we'll call this new baby Nate on the blog.

So this is what's been going on with three kids.

Steve got his ham radio license.  He's absolutely evangelical about ham radio.  He and the kids listen to the wake-up net every morning.  To me, it sounds like eavesdropping on an old folks home, but Steve likes it.

Nate turned one month old.  He's usually very content.  Except when he's not.

He likes to make his lips really small.  He's also, surprisingly, good at standing on our laps and taking a pacifier.  He's getting adorable fat rolls already.  He hates baths and I mostly forget to give them to him, so he smells a bit like cheese.

We've been getting out of the house more the last two weeks, which makes everyone happier, but doesn't stop Ellen's truly impressive screaming and whining.

Today we had a picnic at this park.

I promised the kids we'd come back with Steve so they could spend way more time chucking rocks into the water and running back and forth across the bridge.  Welcome, welcome, summertime.


eliana23 said...

the tiny lips are fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Your trio of munchins are adorable, even with the periods of whining and non-stop conversation. We love them all. Papa

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