17 November 2016

Around the House

There's been a lot of good playing around our house lately.  I've discovered the joy of letting big box stores mail my tuna fish and toilet paper right to my door, so we have a lot of boxes at our house just now.  The kids have been making race car ramps and houses and magic elevators.

This is Ellen's monster mask, designed and executed entirely by herself (I cut out the circles as part of a different cardboard project and she found them and used them).  The parts that stick out are the ears, the circles are the eyes, and the tiny tin pan is the nose, obviously.

This is Ellen's school bus in which she is driving her babies to a "cabinet."  Unfortunately, they hit a bear (as usual).

This is The Bairn's marble run.  He set up the pool noodle so that he could send a marble down, stop it with a funnel, and then let it drop onto the track and carry on through the run.

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