31 August 2007

Ode to the Ceramic Genius

This weekend is jam-packed with moving and the Storytelling Festival and the Sheepdog Championships, but first up is my friend, the Ceramic Genius', wedding.

There are so many reasons to love the Ceramic Genius, but here are my top picks of why she's amazing.

1. She's a ceramic genius and her dad's a puppeteer, which makes her family endlessly intriguing to me.

2. When she gets nervous she does the Robot and sings "The Rose." In a good way, not in a why-has-no-one-ever-tested-her-for-autism? kind of way.

3. When Madame 3-yr-old started getting naughty, the Ceramic Genius came up with the theory that maybe the Good Madame 3-yr-old was replaced with a Naughty Madame 3-yr-old by wicked fairies.

The term Wicked Fairies makes me laugh really hard. Here's another good one: Nerd-Burglar. I don't even know what that one means, but my brother used it in an email this week, and it made me laugh. It's fun to say out loud. Nerd-Burglar. Nerd-Burglar. If you combine those two terms, you get a really great sentence. And if you add the term little weasels, you're about to strike gold. Hey Nerd-Burglar, watch out for those wicked fairies! They're about to release the little weasels.

Good times, good times. But now I have to go do laundry so I don't have to attend the Ceramic Genius' wedding naked. They frown upon that kind of thing at weddings.

The Ceramic Genius at the Park Last Summer
She was very proud of this photo.

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