05 February 2008

Babies and Birthdays

This is the newest baby in our family. She belongs to my brother. I can't tell you much else about her, because I haven't met her yet and asked her about her political leanings or hobbies. Doesn't she have a sweet face?

Most of the babies in our family are born in June. All 3 of the new baby's siblings have June birthdays. In fact, the twins and I share a June birthday. My brother's birthday is in June, and my other brother's wife has a June birthday. My sister's new baby is due in June, and Madame 3-yr-old was born in June. So we're going to have a lot of celebrating in June this year.

If you can only make it to one bash, though, I recommend that you try to attend Madame's 4th birthday party. She has big plans. My sister was fretting over how she would have everything ready for Madame's birthday, if she was in the hospital giving birth at the same time. I offered to help. And then I heard Madame's plans. I may be inadequate to the task.

Here's Madame's vision for her party:

1. She and all her guests will decorate gingerbread houses (in June).

2. There will be a pinata. It will be shaped like Santa Claus. The pinata Santa will be in a sleigh pulled by eight tiny reindeer.

3. There will be a cake. The cake will depict the Holy Family. (Madame has this thing about the Holy Family. When Madame was still tiny, Marmot Dad's mother unearthed this large, plaster nativity set and gave it to the girls. They took the set to the playground and let Joseph and Mary take turns going down the slide. Joseph careened down the slide, hit the ground, and let off a huge puff of plaster. "Ohhh, poor Joseph!" Tiny Madame cried.)

I can hardly wait to see the festivities.


chou said...

Wow. That sounds VERY, um, overwhelming.

Ann-Marie said...

maybe you can convince her to wait until july and then all of the festivities will fit in perfectly with julymus!

JAMES said...

I am jealous you get to meet that baby so soon...I probably won't see her until 2009

john said...

let me tell you about a june birthday. Mine, as you know, is the last birtday in June that we have. As such, I get a lukewarm happy birthday and maybe a card. No one wants another birthday cake, present, etc.. at that point. Too many june birthdays.

john said...

Oh yea, K is a conservative Republican that believes in individaulas rights and a strong national defense. She also favors a balanced budget. Just so you know

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