16 March 2008

Top o' the Morning to Ya!

Okay, the slow-loading poll was driving me crazy, so I removed it.

The results at the end of St. Patrick's Day were

38% Pro-Dyeing Food Green
33% Anti-Dyeing Food Green
28% Indifferent

If you would like to elaborate on your answers, leave a comment.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Alice said...

Online polls can be very misleading. Or something. I like St. Patrick's Day. I am excited to wear a green shirt and celebrate my brother's birthday and with him even. That doesn't happen nearly enough! :)

emily said...

Once my roommates decided to dye the mashed potatoes green for St. Patrick's Day.

I could not bring myself to eat them.

I have no problems eating foods that are meant to have unnatural, day-glo colors--like Sour Patch Kids and the like, but some foods are fine as is.

eliana said...

Why is this the only holiday with colored food? That seems weird to me.

Yankee Girl said...

I did briefly consider turning some part of my dinner green tonight but then I remembered that the Irish themselves don't actually do stuff like that and since it is an Irish holiday it makes good sense to celebrate it like the Irish--of course the (Northern) Irish don't really celebrate it a whole lot (I lived in Ireland (Northern Ireland) for 2 St. Paddy's days and didn't celebrate it at all. No corned beef and cabbage, no green, nothing. There is a parade in Belfast but it is more Gerry Adams and the IRA than Leprechauns throwing candy.) The Republic probably does it a bit better but still I think Americans celebrate it best so in that case maybe I should turn something green.

Cruze said...

I don't really care, but my kids love it. I tried to dye the pancakes green this morning, but they were whole wheat cinnamon pancakes and they just ended up looking really, really gross.

MBC said...

Hmmm, I think I'd rather dye stuff green then have an IRA parade.

And, Lori, I think that's the major St. Patrick's day dyeing food green problem--the food so often comes out looking freaky.

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