22 October 2008

The Point at Which I Knew It Would Not Go Well

Him: Is there anywhere you don't want to eat? Any places you don't like?

Me: I like just about any kind of food but I'm not a fan of chain restaurants.

Him: No chains, huh?

Me: Yep.

Him: So, what if we go to The Olive Garden?

Me: [in head] Orrrr, what if we go somewhere good?

Me: [out loud, because I'm not entirely obnoxious] That would be fine.

Then I felt bad for him that he hadn't met me 10 years ago, when it never would have occurred to me to discriminate against chains.

Just as well. I didn't want to have to explain to my mom about the long hair and the motorcycle anyway.


Anonymous said...

That's always an awkward, awkward moment. Was the guy paying? I'm not usually in a position where the guy I'm with is "taking me out"—I prefer more egalitarian relationships—so maybe I feel more empowered to push for better restaurants since I know he won't be footing my bill.

I had a guy who lives out of state stalk me on the internet for a while, sending me wistful emails with lines like, "Oh, how I wish I lived near you so I could take you out. To wonderful places like... Olive Garden." And he wondered why I didn't swoon in ecstasy at the idea of going on a date with him. (Besides that fact that he was creepy, and we had never met.)

MBC said...

Yeah, he was paying, so I figured I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth and at a later date we could discuss how going to the fabulous independent Indian place would cost the same AND fill me with joy AND save the world just a tiny bit.

Anonymous said...

exactly what is wrong with long hair and/or motorcycles? Your brother resembled that.


MBC said...

And how did our mother feel about both the hair and the bike? Hmmm?

E said...

I wonder what he thought you meant by "chain restaurants."

Cynthia said...

Despite OG's respectable salads, I boycott on the grounds that they have the stupidest commercials in all of creation.

MBC said...

Emily--I wondered that myself.

Cynthia--I find many reasons to boycott them. I actually have a friend who really likes eating there, so I do go sometimes and find things that are okay, and then I drag my friend off to places that she probably doesn't really like all that much either.

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