28 November 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I celebrated Thanksgiving at the Marmot House with my sister, Marmot Dad, the marmots, and Marmot Dad's parents and some of his siblings.

I wore my winter hat, which is my solution to the fact that I need a haircut but haven't gotten around to it yet. Marmot Babe finally looks like a sweet little person (instead of a sweet little animal). He's cutting a tooth and he practiced with it by chewing on me all day. Babies should wear overalls as much as possible. Also stripes.

We ate delicious foods.

The girls wore special holidays outfits of their own choosing. Madame 6-yr-old wore a red cape, and Madame 4-yr-old sported a long, pink, princess dress. Tuey wore almost nothing, an improvement over the night before when I came by to pick up my pie plate and he was standing naked on a stool talking to the raw turkey in the sink.

There were many, many pies. Tuey kept a close eye on the dessert proceedings.

I made two of these--apple, cranberry, cream cheese pies.

Tuey joined me at the table after he had his fill of pie and zonked out.

I'm grateful I had family to spend the day with. Happy Thanksgiving!


Kirsten said...

MBC, will you send me the recipe for the apple, cranberry, cream cheese dessert. I live for anything with cream cheese. Okay, so I live for others things, but cream cheese if necessary could be the only thing I live fore.

suzeemac said...

or better yet, would you post the recipes? The pie looks soooo good!

Moo said...

Babies should definitely wear overalls as much as possible!

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