26 January 2009

In Praise of Kirsten

So, my pal Kirsten and I were giving a third friend a pep talk recently, and part of the pepping up involved me recounting one of the stories of how Kirsten and I met. The stories of how we met are very revealing of my nature and make one wonder how it is that I have any friends at all, so I will share so that we can all be heartened by the fact that miracles happen and I make friends despite my frequent freak show behavior. First, though, I will tell you some of the reasons I love the Kirsten.

1. The girl gets. things. done. Every time I talk to Kirsten she's starting a new graduate program or moving to Scotland or taking over a small principality. Once she saw a documentary about Iceland and the hidden people, and not long after that, she and Ti-Cup and the Coordinatrix and I were on a plane to find the hidden people in Iceland.

2. She makes me laugh, especially when she sees a teeny, tiny dog.

3. She does what I can only describe as the Back and Forth Dance. It is a dance that fills me with happiness when I see it.

4. She is fiercely loyal to her friends.

5. She gives great advice. Whenever she and I are both giving advice to the same person, Kirsten says all the right things and then I say, I agree.

Kirsten and I were casually acquainted in college, but we didn't become friends until we went to the same graduate school in the same graduate program and became roommates. Whenever people found out we knew each other before graduate school, they assumed we were friends as undergrads and then we amused them with this story:

Kirsten worked on the fifth floor of the library, and I studied on the fifth floor of the library. There are stairs on each end of that wing of the library and one day I was heading from the south end of the floor to the north end of the floor, when I saw Kirsten about 25 feet away coming toward me. And I was shy. And all that would have happened if I'd passed her would have been that she would have said, "Hey, how are you?" and I would have said, "Fine. Thanks," but I didn't want to have to say it, so I ducked down the stairs, crossed the length of the library wing on the fourth floor and came up the north stairs to get to where I was going. Special. Fortunately, we DID become friends and I'm glad.

Now I have to go watch The Bachelor so I can reassure myself that other people are bigger freak shows than I am.


Lady Susan said...

Yeah for awesome friends! This reminds me of my college roommates. We were all very shy/reserved people. Yet somehow, we each got the nerve up to talk to each other. The end result: Best Friends Forever and 3 fabulous years at college.

E said...

I met Kirsten in front of the Kroger's on the plastic lawn furniture. It was a special time.

Kirsten said...

I am on the ground laughing. Oh, the memories.

I am fiercely loyal to my friends because I have the greatest friends in the universe. I don't know what I did in my previous life to deserve them, but I thank my lucky stars each day for everyone one of them.

It was special wasn't it E.

Thank you for this post MBC, you didn't know how much I needed it, and yet you did.

chenoa said...

I just want to know what Kirsten does when she meets small dogs...

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