27 January 2009


My mom complained that last week I didn't post enough and that my posts were insufficient to meet her blog reading needs. Here's what I have to say about that: It is the winter. I wake up every day in the dark. I scrape the ice off my car in the cold. I go to work and deal with the patrons and explain to folks with head injuries why their computers won't function properly (because they're being operated by people with head injuries) and explain to folks without evaluative skills why we're not going to put special stickers on our movies to warn unsuspecting parents of the content (because the MPAA already puts those pretty little PG-13 ratings on there for us). It's a rough season. I can only do so much.

...People hit 
the sauce in a big way all winter.
Amidst blizzards they wrestle
unsuccessfully with the dark comedy
of their lives, laughter trapped
in their frigid gizzards. Meanwhile,
the mercury just plummets,
like a migrating duck blasted
out of the sky by some hunter
in a cap with fur earflaps.
-Amy Gerstler, from "A Severe Lack of Holiday Spirit"


Sean said...

Wow. I would write my blog completely differently if I thought my mom read it.

Also: I'm 100% over winter at this point, and the cold, and the head-injured patrons who crowd my library to escape aforementioned winter and cold. And the tempers that are even more frayed because of the aforementioned, etc., etc. Argh.

Ann-Marie said...


HAH said...

I'm missing marmot escapades...I count on you to relate them!

Nemesis said...

UGH. Do not even TALK to me about the ratings thing. I once had a patron leave a furious note for me when they brought back the movie "Bee Season." They were so mad that the f-word was used in the movie because they had just LOVED "Akeelah and the Bee." Because . . . that's logical. And how maybe we should remove this DVD. On the back you see that it's rated PG-13 for "brief, strong language." Which, hi, = F-word.


Amy said...

"Folks without evaluative skills" is going to make me laugh all day. Way to bring some sunshine into the winter for me!

Maren said...

Is it truly evil that I get a certain pleasure from reading about all of you suffering in those winter experiencing states? I am loving that I moved back to California.
And I am loving that I quit my job last year. Whenever you talk about trying to teach people how to use the computer I remember doing the same thing at my last job. I worked in a County agency where many employees had been there since the 70's and basically were pretending that it still was the 70's. I remember having to explain to one guy what I meant when I said "Cut" and "Paste." Amazing. I am so not missing my job!
All I can say is, know you have a friend in the sun with an open door and spare bedrooms if you want to come visit!

Eliana said...

Moms have so many good qualities, sprinkled with not understanding quite everything. Cole frequently asks me to change the weather for him...if I learn how, I will do it for you.

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