15 January 2009

Many People I Know and Love Were Born on January 16

Tuey is a great defender of my good name. I was at my sister's house for dinner recently and she and I had both talked to our mom on the phone earlier that day.

MBC: What did mom tell you that she didn't tell me?

Sister: She told me that you're bad.

MBC: Really? Because she told me that you're bad.

Sister: Yes, well, but you really are bad.

Tuey: No! Aunt! You. are. a goodie. [accompanied by vigorous head nods]

Except, today, I am a baddie. Tomorrow is my mom's birthday and her birthday card is still not in the mail. Curses! She's such a nice mama, too. She deserves an on-time birthday card from her favorite child.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

p.s. I just noticed this evening that the Christmas lights on the trees in town are still up. Hurray!

p.p.s. Tonight on my way home from work, I drove through this very brief, foggy patch of road. I think it was a haint.


Alice said...

You. Are. A. Goodie! I sure do like you. I hope you are having a spectacular day!

Ann-Marie said...

January 16th is a good day to be born!

Yankee Girl said...

My Mom's birthday is the 16th as well. That's so funny. And yes, you are a goodie.

MBC said...

Alice-Thank you!

Ann-Marie-Why, yes it is. Happy Birthday!

Yankee Girl-That is funny. I hope your mom actually got a b-day card today.

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