12 February 2009

It's Late and I'm Tired

Today was a shorter day at work than yesterday but then I had to come home and attend a meeting and watch MI-5, because I get so concerned about the emotional well-being of the MI-5 staff. They only last a season or two before they become dead inside. I didn't know when we started watching this show that it would require so much from me. It's such an emotional strain to worry this much about fictional characters. It doesn't leave as much energy for real people, like blog readers. Really hoping for better posting next week.

Quickly I will tell you, though, that my roommate found me another librarian romance. I haven't read very far yet (because it looked like Adam might not be able to handle the most recent MI-5 death and that he might be dying inside, so I had to be there for him), but these two brief passages from what I have read seem to indicate that the author knows at least a little something about the library world:

If you work in a library, you become used to the bad manners of the public. I don't mean to argue that it's forgivable, because it's not, but the lack of gratitude, the downright meanness and hostility, was an inevitable fact of life.
I didn't get home until seven o'clock that night, after a day crammed with disagreeable library patrons. If you ever suffer from "Aren't People the Greatest?" syndrome, spend a day working in a library.
I don't think I'm going to love this book, but look at the cover. The cover I love.


Amy said...

The cover is awesome!

Nemesis said...

I picked up that book and read it once a few years ago based solely on the cover. Except I didn't like that book. Maybe I didn't give it enough of a chance or something though, would like to hear what you think!

MBC said...

Yeah, the cover's great and I like the title and the use of the DDC in each chapter, but otherwise it's really not good at all. The author's writing style is flat. The main character is dull and not very likable (even with so much potential as a librarian!). I can see who the romantic lead is going to be, and so far there's nothing endearing about him. I'm fine with having a celibate lead character, but the introduction of it and the bludgeoning of the readers with the fact that she's been celibate that long is awkward. And there are a few things that are just odd and don't quite come off. I might abandon it in another 50 pages.

Breanne said...

I think Dannette read this and liked it.

Kirsten said...

But isn't the idea of a celibate librarian going right along with the stereotype that librarians are lonely women who only have cats for company? Sounds like the book is like every other librarian book, even if the author appears to make an effort of knowing what working in a library is really like.

But then again, what do I know. I am a librarian and have been celibate for a very, very, very, long time, by choice of course. :)

EP said...

I agree with Kristen. And on a librarian's income who can afford the cats anyway? ;)

Too bad it's not a better story. Maybe you should write one MBC.

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