18 February 2009

Legitimate Work

These are all tasks I performed at work today, for which I was paid, that were directly related to my job and completely legitimate activities for me to be engaged in while on the clock. This should sufficiently demonstrate that being a librarian is way better than being, for example, an accountant. If you had any doubts.

1. Browsed around on Instructables, a DIY website. I particularly like the projects using recycled water bottles and the office supplies trebuchet. I was looking for teen summer reading projects (which I will schedule so that I'm available to participate in the ones I really like and will schedule the ones that I think might be hard or unpleasant for the time when I'm kickin' it in Florence), but I think the craft we'll be doing this summer that I'm most pleased about is diskette notebooks, which is not from Instructables.

2. Watched YouTube videos of songs with the word magazine in the lyrics. I think "Shiny Magazine" by Jet was the best.

3. Ripped apart a cell phone with my bare hands (I used my bare hands after almost sending a screwdriver through my wrist and deciding that I needed a new strategy for dismantling electronics). Must get my hands on a tiny screwdriver so that I can destroy computers next week. I don't really care for Teen Tech Week, but I appreciate the excuse it gives me to destroy stuff.

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