20 February 2009

Why I Like the Coordinatrix

And now we will continue the posts on the excellentness of MBC's friends.

Some of the many reasons I am so fond of the Coordinatrix:

1. She is interested in pretty much everything in the world. She recently moved to NC, so of course she went out and found herself some soul food and a gospel concert right away. When we lived in Indiana, she was the one who accompanied me to the revolving jail museum. When the two of us were in London, we read the free newspapers on the train every morning, and she was genuinely thrilled upon reading one morning that a new type of water vole had been discovered. The Coordinatrix is full of wonder.

2. She is so good. She has an unerring moral compass and is always a good example to me.

3. She is very amusing herself and finds other people amusing.

4. She's great at making plans (any kind of plan--travel plan, man plan, you name it). And I've never seen such neatly organized computer files. Or handwriting that looks like it came from a machine. Remarkable.

5. She gives exemplary lessons and talks. Possibly my favorite church talk of all time was given by the Coordinatrix. She presented the congregation with examples of Old Testament women and explained why each of them was worthy of emulation. So she talked about Hannah and her faith and the Hebrew midwives and their integrity and then she told the story of Jael, who you probably don't recall because I feel certain that no one else has ever dragged her from the Book of Judges and held her up as an example of anything. During a battle Jael's enemy took refuge in her tent. While the enemy slept, Jael sent a nail through his head, killing him to deliver Israel. The Coordinatrix told us all about it and then praised Jael's initiative. It was awesome.

I was thinking about the Coordinatrix and her many talents, because I'm speaking in church on Sunday (MBC, Didn't you just speak in church to the same congregation 3 months ago? Why, yes, I did.) and I've been considering whether or not Jael needs to be included in my comments. She just might.


Ti-Cup said...

I think it's always safest to assume that Jael should be included.

The Coordinatrix is pretty amazing, isn't she?

eliana said...

I will send you a shiny silver dollar if you discuss Jael. Sometimes I want to know your peeps.

stash said...

A Renaissance artist named Artemisia used Jael's story in her paintings. You could use them as visual aids.

I agree with Ti-Cup, The Coordinatrix is amazing. She is an awesome woman.

CSIowa said...

While I'm delighted to learn about Artemisia and Jael, I'm pretty sure visual aids are not pro forma for sacrament meeting, especially given Jael's story. Of course, I live "in the mission field." Is there a different handbook for Happy Valley?

What I'd really like to say here is, "MBC, will you be my friend?" Who doesn't need someone posting nice things about you? My true motivation, however, is an invitation to Italy. Your sister can refer you to those who can vouch for me as a suitable traveling companion. Gelato in Florence! (sigh) Too bad I could never swing it--the trip that is, assuming the invitation would be forthcoming.

Kirsten said...

I too adore, love, and am in awe of the Coordinatrix. She does have a miraculous glow about her.

Hope the talk was successful whether Jael was mentioned or not.

Annie M. said...

Whoa... Robinhood would be very impressed. : |

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