22 February 2009

Sometimes I Play Along

I got tagged to display the 6th picture in my 6th file. Then I have to go find the 7th son of the 7th son and perform the 12 Herculean tasks. No, I'm kidding. It doesn't have to be the seventh son. Usually I ignore tags, but today I want to go finish reading Olive Kitteridge more than I want to blog (it looks like it's going to be one of those vaguely heartbreaking and yet, somehow, hopeful literary novels), AND the Annie, she is so nice that I cannot deny her when she makes requests.

It was harder than you might imagine to determine what my sixth file was, so here are two pictures from two files, both of which could technically be the sixth picture in a sixth file.

Here I am at the Spiral Jetty. The spiral was almost completely submerged when we were there a few summers ago, but it's still a little bit visible in the photograph and it was still impressive to visit.

Here Alice and I are at a pinewood derby with the Barbie car Alice, Moo, and I made many years ago, completing the task that brought us together in friendship and devotion--hacking the head off a Barbie doll. I'm wearing my fancy feather boa for the occasion to match Barbie.


Moo said...

Ah yes, the great Barbie car. That was great. I'm so glad that we all became friends. May Barbie stay with you.

Annie M. said...

I'm so pleased that you played along. :) And good photos thanks for sharing!

MBC said...

Moo--I'm glad we became friends too. I'm planning to hollow out the Barbie car and use it to transport diamonds while I'm in Europe. In case the money runs low.

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