08 March 2009

False Economy

I consider myself a frugal girl. I'm good at saving money. I know my way around a rummage sale. I can feed myself well and for a good long time with a bag of lentils. I use my library to provide myself with music and movies and reading material. I stay well within my means and I am a devoted fan of this book.

Mostly I don't care about owning things and most of my monetary indulgences are on experiences like traveling or going to the theater or having a really good meal with friends. There are some things, though, products, that I believe in and that I'm willing to pay for even when there are cheaper alternatives.

1. Charmin Toilet Paper - Worth every cent. When I was on study abroad in Russia, my babushka used to explain at great length the Russian capacity for suffering (which is true; it's a country with a rough history). I'm pretty sure that's why they're able to handle the sturdy, brown toilet paper common in that country. I used it for about month before I resorted to carrying packages of tissues with me everywhere I went. Ever since I have felt a particularly strong allegiance to Charmin.

2. Dawn Dishwashing Liquid - I bought a large bottle of it about three years ago at Sam's and I'm still using it. Admittedly, I was living by myself one of those years, but in that house I never used my dishwasher. I washed everything by hand. The soap is so good that a very small amount washes a whole lot of dishes. Excellent product. Good value.

3. Jergens Ultra Healing Moisturizer - It's the only moisturizer that does any good on my hands when I'm living in a desert. I know this, but I still bought the knock off brand last week. I checked the ingredients and they were so close. The sign said Compare to Jergens Ultra Healing, so I thought I would. The knock off brand was $3.00 less than the Jergens. The knock off brand smells like old ladies. I can only use it on my feet or I make myself sick when I get my hands close to my face. The only other moisturizer in my house at the moment is some fancy, scented stuff I was given as gift. It's rich and creamy and better than moisturizer that smells like the elderly, but it makes me smell like a scented candle. I don't want to smell like a scented candle. I want to smell like Jergens.

Anybody else have products they're devoted to?


E said...

I refuse to eat store-brand soup. It's Campbell's or nothing, baby!

CSIowa said...

I like the new look!

How do you get the lotion on your feet without getting it on your hands?

Have you tried Aquaphilic? This is a thick, white ointment I learned about when I had eczema. I resisted it at first, but it really is not greasy at all, feels good and works great! It's now an essential part of my post-shower regimen. Also, I often reapply after washing my hands. It's made in Iowa, so I'm not sure where else it's available.

rebekah said...

i think a lot of people are brand loyal to tide. i have to use their sensative version or i get a rash.

i use jergens ultra healing! even out here in dc with the humidity.

my other brands are oil of olay for the face (who's mother didn't use oil of olay?), barkeeper's friend instead of comet, irish spring soap (because if your soap isn't neon colored it isn't getting you clean enough), and pantene, pantene, pantene for my hair products.

Lady Susan said...

Served a mission in Ukraine so I know all about the brown toilet paper. I didn't even know that you could get any thing nicer until months into my mission. I felt betrayed.

The new look is very snazzy!

Anonymous said...

I love your fancy schmancy lotion that was a gift. It smells like baked goods. I just bought some for a gift and some for myself. Mom

MBC said...

E--Store brand soup is an abomination.

CSIowa--I put it on my feet first and then cover up the smell with the scented lotion (which I might contribute to my problems with the scented lotion). It's a bad situation. I just need to get some new lotion.

I've never heard of Aquaphilic, but I'll have to look around and see if they sell it here.

Rebekah--I almost included Tide on my list. Love it. My mom uses it and we still have a few things that were washed for so long with some perfect combination of Tide and whatever fabric softener she used that they smell like heaven. My sister and I were just recently talking about it. Also, people used to comment on how white my socks were when I was growing up. Tide.

Lady Susan--When I went to Russia, I told myself I wasn't going to be one of those Americans who fuss about other country's amenities, but, seriously, that toilet paper is wrong.

Mom--Did you use my fancy lotion when you stayed with me? Because I know who gave it to me, and it wasn't you. I like the way it smells in the bottle, but it doesn't smell right on me. And my hands are cracking because it's not strong enough for a Utah winter.

Eliana said...

Brand name feminine hygiene products. If I ever can't afford them it will be a reason to stop living. Also ALL free and clear laundry soap.

MBC said...

Eliana--You speak the truth.

Marissa said...

In Utah I also adhere to Jergen's Ultra Healing Lotion. Nothing else works. However, You don't have to get the smells-like-an-old-lady lotion on your hands. You can squirt the lotion on to your feet then do the same sort of thing that you do with your hands when you put lotion on them. It takes a little patience the first time or two or twelve but keeping smelly lotion as far away from your olfactory receptors is a reward in and of itself. Besides, if you're ever in a freak gasoline accident and lose your hands you'll still be able to apply moisturizing goodness.

MBC said...

Marissa--I doubted your system until you mentioned the freak gasoline accident. I wholeheartedly agree with that kind of preparation. I used to practice being blind as a child. Just in case.

Breanne said...

You mentioned not liking chain restaurants earlier: so are there any local restaurants that you really like?

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