16 April 2009

A Common Language is No Guarantee

From today:

Woman: Do you have any videos on body repair?

MBC: Body repair?

Woman: Yes, body repair videos.

MBC: So, like, information about how the body heals itself?

She was not impressed with this guess, because clearly what she meant was AUTObody repair.

From a few months ago:

Man: Where are all the people?

MBC: The people?

Man: Yeah, I thought there would be more people.

MBC (in head): There are people all around us. It is a Friday morning so there are fewer people than normal, but we've got people . . .

Man: I looked on the shelf and a saw some people but not the people I want.

MBC: Do you need an issue of People magazine?

Man (as if this is soooo evident): Yes, but I can't find the one I want.


Heidi said...

Ha ha. And I always wonder if it's us on a bad day, or just them. I like to think it's them.

CSIowa said...

I feel so skilled when I successfully decode something cryptic my three-year-old daughter says. I fill in the blanks aloud and smile knowing that I am helping her make steps in her language development. It seems not so charming when one is dealing with an adult.

I've been thinking that I don't have many marketable skills, but perhaps I should consider myself qualified to read minds, at least small ones.

Eliana said...

Poor MBC...but you made me laugh at your misery.

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