15 April 2009

It is SNOWING Outside

Yesterday I grabbed an album by the Decemberists for our teen volunteers to listen to in our meeting. Except that our teen volunteers are not so much listeners as they are shriekers and texters and awkward conversationalists. Bless their little hearts. I enjoyed the music, though, and I'm still enjoying it today, especially these two songs.

The Crane Wife Part 3

The Engine Driver


Sean said...

Aw, I love The Decemberists, and I love both of those songs. Have you heard their new album yet? It's one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

Kirsten said...

I've heard the same as Sean. It is supposed to be a musical masterpiece. The whole CD reads like a story, which is good, because I have one track from it, and am hoping it makes more sense in context of the other songs. My friend is going to "share" his copy when we both get done with paper writing. It is just one thing that keeps me going.

If only those teenagers would put down those phones and notice the musical genius of The Decemberists permeating the airwaves.

MBC said...

Sean--I haven't heard it. I asked our music CD purchaser to buy it when it first came out, but it's not on the catalog yet, so I don't know if she obeyed me.

Kirsten--One of our loudest teens did stop mid-project to ask me what we were listening to and ordered me over to the CD player to tell her the name of the song, because she liked it, so maybe there is hope for this younger generation.

chou said...

MBC, I love the Decemberists. They came to Chicago and did a free concert with the Grant Park Orchestra and I couldn't go because my little brother had the GALL (is that the word I want?) to get married that weekend. Poor planning.

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