29 April 2009

Marmot Good Works

Three of the marmots came to visit me on a mission of good will to aid my recuperation today. Their arrival terrified the cats (which is good for the cats; keeps them humble). Every few minutes Tuey reminded me that the "cat did run away down the hall. You do need to find your cat and bring him here." Marmot Babe walked around bow-legged in his baby shorts, shaking my Amoxicillin, pulling cookbooks off the shelf, and chewing on the remote control. Madame M(4) and Tuey ate some cinnamon toast on bar stools and Tuey sang a little song and did a little seated dance while munching away. Then he told me that he had cleaned my "little white table" (the countertop), which may have meant that he brushed his crumbs and cinnamon sugar onto the carpet. I didn't check. They left cheesecake in my refrigerator and a rock on my counter and the only downside of their visit was that they made me laugh, which hurt my sore mouth.

I like marmots.

1 comment:

Lady Susan said...

I love musicals and often wished that it was more socially acceptable to break into song. Have a great time at Wicked. I haven't ever seen it. Be sure to write a review on your blog!

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